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Spanish Cuisine. Full day course. 10th March. 10am - 4.30pm

Join us on this tasty trip around Spain where the food is all about flavour and sharing!

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On this full day course you'll make vibrant sweet potato bread flecked with chorizo, chives and pine nuts.

You'll then go on to make a classic tortilla.

Paella and Santiago Tarta.  


Beer Tasting Evening an Social Supper. 22nd March. 18.45pm - 21.00pm

Join us for an evening of beer tasting with Academy Qualified Beer Sommelier Martin Hilton. Explore the world of hops, malts and different beer styles.

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Learn how to really taste beer, how to pair foods and beer and taste six different beer styles matching them with various foods.

The resurgence in craft and traditional beers continues and here on the hill we’re determined to do our bit to help. It will be a fun, educational and ultimately social experience as Martin takes us expertly through a beer and food tasting.

Once that’s done we’ll serve you a very sociable supper of Carbonnade of beef, chunks of locally reared Red Poll beef slowly simmered in beer and served steaming hot with hunks of bread.

Seasonal dinner party. Full day course. 23rd March. 10am - 4.30pm

The lovely season of spring emerges with new life & fresh flavours & you can learn to make the most of it with our seasonal dinner party series.

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Pick up skills and cooking techniques from our chefs that will make you a cool and calm host on your special evening. 

On todays menu:   Lemon crab cakes with homemade watercress mayonnaise & melba toast. Individual chicken & asparagus strudel with peas pancetta & lettuce.  Herbed potato risotto.

We’ll finish with a classic flavour combination creating a rich brulee with mysteriously poached rhubarb!


Kitchen Confidence. Half day course. 7th April.

If the kitchen is a place of dread to you or someone you know…we’d like to help change that and make it a more enjoyable (and organised!) experience

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We’ll help you get organised and more confident in your cooking and using knives to create some tasty food and expand your repertoire.

Together we’ll make hand cut minestrone soup, wok seared chicken and finishing with apple crumble and whipped cream.



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