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"A team is a collection of people who must work interdependently to achieve a common goal or output"

Just as in the office, your team are accountable for the collective performance, so they will be in the kitchen!  Each activity is designed to challenge your team to work together.  Healthy conflict and natural competitiveness are brought to the fore, whilst encouraging the key skills needed to improve communication and reduce negative conflict.  All courses are tailored to fit with your team's needs and your company's objectives for the day.

In the Kitchen ...

Street Food

Fragrant flavours brought together in lots of tasty bites. You’ll create a selection of dishes together with your colleagues to share at the table.

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Hill's Kitchen

We promise not to 'Ramsey' you, but you must work together and communicate as a team to get dinner to your colleagues. Communication and timing are critical so that each course is served at its peak.

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The Mystery Box

Blue sky cooking! It’s a box of ingredients but what will you do with it? Go traditional, go street, sharing, formal, spicy, classic or a bit Mastercheffy? It’s up to the team to get dinner on the table.

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Get Your Bake-Off ... On!

The country is still bitten by the bake-off bug! Who can resist the aroma and taste of freshly baked goods? Sift, stir, roll and pipe your way to some wonderful treats and, of course, avoiding that soggy bottom.

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The Outdoor Experience

Barbecue Boot Camp

Get beyond the burnt burger and scorched sausage working together to create a delicious grilled feast. Learn how to light, control, bake, roast, sear and smoke on our range of Weber grills.

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Shovel Steak

Once the flames die down we’re left with a red hot glow perfect for gathering around and cooking on. Settle your shovel on the embers, season your steak then sear it to your liking.

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Pizza Party

There’s no pizza quite like a pizza cooked in a wood fired oven. Learn how to control heat in the oven, push the fire back, stretch the dough, choose your topping and slide it into the oven and watch it rise alongside a live fire.

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Request a Quote

For a personalised quote, tailored to your team's needs and company's objectives, please contact Brian or Mary on 01829 782097

or email, with a brief overview of your objectives, and we'll be in touch with suggestions for your team

Boost Team Performance

  • Improve communication
  • Reduce conflict
  • Increase motivation
  • Develop planning skills
  • Encourage negotiation skills
  • Allow teams to get to know one another
  • Have some FUN!

Reward or Just for Fun!

Sometimes, you just want to say thanks to your team for working hard, finishing that tough project or hitting that deadline or sales target.

You can choose from one of the more competitive activities, all of which are designed around the needs of your team.  Alternatively, you can opt for a more relaxing shovel steak or pizza party ... cooking your own food around the fire with a cold drink!

Meetings at Harthill

If you are holding a meeting before your team event, why not coincide the two at Harthill Cookery School?

Our spacious Victorian schoolroom is available for you to use free of charge and we can supply you with copious quanities of tea, coffee, soft drinks and lunch as optional extras.

Once you've finished your meeting, it's time to head off into the kitchen or out into the garden to the fire pit or pizza oven ... then the fun starts!

Stuff the Turkey!

It’s that time of year again, time to get the team together & celebrate your successes before you head off for the Christmas break.

Of course you can be processed with the masses on the relentless turkey conveyor belt or alternatively slow it down a little, making time for and memories with colleagues.

Our charming Victorian school hall will be traditionally decorated and our kitchen immaculately laid out awaiting your arrival. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find our tutors relaxed, knowledgeable and ready to work with your team.

You can go ‘off script’’ with our street food session creating fresh, fragrant dishes with a hit of spice, or join Chorchaba to create beautifully balanced Thai classics. If sweet things are your thing our Festive bake off will provide a bag of treats to take away such as gingerbread & Viennese mince pies.

Of course, we won’t forget the Christmas traditions & turkey is certainly on our menu…with a twist! Ours will have a gorgeous paprika rub on it and will be spit roasted by you and your colleagues over glowing charcoal. You’ll also hot smoke salmon to start; stir fry sprouts and bake a sticky toffee pudding to finish – all on our Weber barbecues.

Whatever you choose to do we promise you won’t just endure your Christmas outing, you’ll pick up skills, tips and techniques with tasty results.

Corporate Bookings

Call Brian or Mary on 01829 782 097 or email us at  to talk through your event.

A minimum of 8 participants are required and we can accommodate up to 50 depending on the activity. A deposit will be required to secure your date with the balance due 2 weeks prior to the event.

We look forward to cooking with you and your colleagues at our award winning cookery school.


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