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Our tutors are hand-picked from a lifetime spent working and teaching in the world of food. Not only talented in their own field, each tutor is passionate about their craft with a relaxed, friendly manner and their courses are packed with tips and techniques.

David Turner

David is a classically trained pastry chef and baker with over 40 years’ experience in the UK and overseas. His passion for baking began at an early age helping his mum to make parkin, spiced buns and scones, inspiring him to study advanced bread making, confectionery and cake decoration.

After serving his time in the main kitchen, David gravitated to the pastry section and continued learning with chocolate and sugar boiling techniques.

For a number of years now he has worked with young people as a Chef Tutor, helping them to forge a career in the Hospitality industry, including a stint in China teaching European baking.

Amy Jones

A fully-qualified Pastry Chef, Amy has a passion for inspiring others through innovative and unique techniques. She has worked in some of the most successful kitchens across the country, including Michelin standard “Fraiche” and “Dinner by Heston”.

Amy was mesmerised by food from a young age, watching her mother in the kitchen, seeing the colours, textures and scents of ingredients coming together to produce something spectacular.

Amy instils in her learners that there are no limits and always something new to discover and try within the kitchen.

Chorchoba Harper

Raised in the deep south of Thailand, Chorchaba learned early on that food was taken very seriously in Thai homes. It is a sense of pride to any Thai person to be thought of as a good cook by his/her peers.

Moving to Bangkok, Chorchoba helped out every day in her mother’s locals-only restaurant. Although there was a menu, no-one took any notice of it preferring to order the food cooked to their particular taste. This proved excellent training as she quickly learned how small variations in ingredients could make a difference to the taste of a dish.

Chorchoba will take you on a kitchen journey through her youth and memories of Thailand.

Fungalpunk Dave

Fungalpunk Dave is the master of fungal identification and a legend in promoting British Punk music - hence the name Fungalpunk!

The beautiful and diverse countryside around the school is ideal for a walk and talk to spot fungi and other wildlife. Dave's highly entertaining and informative walks take you through the beauty and necessity of fungi in the natural world.

A veritable walking encyclopedia of fungi, Dave has many tales and mysteries to tell and challenges himself to identify dozens of varieties on each occasion.

Zalena Vandrewala

The founder of Rose Petals and Rice, Zalena teaches how to make true flavoursome homemade Indian dishes originating from her Parsi roots.

Cooking at her mother's side from age 9, Zalena started with learning how to slice onions as thinly as possible – a skill every Indian worth their salt aspires to perfect!

Parsi food stays very much true to Persian origins, but draws heavily on Northern Indian influence combining middle Eastern and Indian flavours to make beautifully tasting dishes. Her passion is to show you the real taste of Indian food & promises you won't have tasted anything like this before!

Norman Musa

With a Manchester restaurant, a London-based supper club and two restaurants in Malaysia, Norman still finds time to run master classes, cooking demonstrations and pop-up cookery schools - but always ensures he is firmly on the Harthill calendar!

Born in Penang, the food capital of Malaysia, Norman is self-taught and was mentored by his late mother. He features extensively in the British and Malaysian press, on TV and at food festivals.

Norman's sell-out books on both continents fuel the interest in Malaysian food in the UK, for which he continues to be an ambassador.


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