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Harthill @home

We are still cooking together and sharing our tips and techniques, read on for more details!

Sadly, due to Covid 19 we are having to leave the current building and set up elsewhere.

The calendar may look a little different for the moment, on some days, as opposed to topics you will see the names of dishes. During these testing times we’ve introduced hour long, interactive Zoom cookery sessions that you can enjoy from the familiar surroundings of your own kitchen.

Perfect for those looking to start their journey in the kitchen or develop certain skills and also to get a little social interaction. If you are a group of friends, club or business it’s a great way to virtually get together to cook, eat and catch up with one and other! Please call us to chat it through.

At weekends we’ll tackle some of the bigger jobs such as bread, the popular pie session and the wood fired oven. If there is anything you fancy learning, just let us know!

Here’s the bigger plan. For the next few months, we’ll be focusing on the online stuff, as spring emerges we’ll make use of the outdoor space at our new business just a few miles away with our barbecue and wood burning oven courses.

Whilst all this is happening, we’ll be putting together a brand new facility for us all to cook together again a little later in the year, not only that, it will be integrated into a pub with en suite bedrooms, great food, drink and Hospitality. A proper food and drink haven; a hub of Hospitality.

Upcoming Courses

Pan roasted cod with a mustard and chive sauce

Event Start Date: 04/03/2021 18:00

Event End Date: 04/03/2021 19:00

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Parent and child. Plump Pancakes.

Event Start Date: 07/03/2021 11:00

Event End Date: 07/03/2021 12:00

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Tagliatelle Carbonara.

Event Start Date: 11/03/2021 18:00

Event End Date: 11/03/2021 19:00

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Weber Grill Academy. Essentials.

Event Start Date: 13/03/2021 10:00

Event End Date: 13/03/2021 14:00

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Parent and child. Stuffed Hamburgers

Event Start Date: 14/03/2021 11:00

Event End Date: 14/03/2021 12:00

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Weber Grill Academy. Weber Essentials II

Event Start Date: 20/03/2021 10:00

Event End Date: 20/03/2021 14:00

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Parent and child. Chocolate & Cherry Roll

Event Start Date: 21/03/2021 11:00

Event End Date: 21/03/2021 12:00

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Sticky toffee pudding & rich toffee sauce.

Event Start Date: 23/03/2021 18:00

Event End Date: 23/03/2021 19:00

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WEBER Grill Academy. Master charcoal grilling. - COPY

Event Start Date: 27/03/2021 11:00

Event End Date: 27/03/2021 15:00

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WEBER Grill Academy. American Barbecue.

Event Start Date: 28/03/2021 10:00

Event End Date: 28/03/2021 14:00

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Harthill Cookery School News

Harthill @home is here

Cook with us again from the comfort of your own kitchen

Mary 0 332

We are now very proud to launch Harthill @home. This means that we can cook together again from the familiar surroundings of you own kitchen via Zoom. An hours session is just £15 and if you complete three sessions we'll send you a CerTIERficate to show how productive you have been in these testing times!

Exciting News for Harthill Cookery School

The Bear & Ragged Staff

Clare West 0 1954

We are very excited to announce that our very own Brian will be joining forces with Martin Hilton and local investor, Richard Payne-Gill, to re-open The Bear & Ragged Staff in Tattenhall, which has been derelict for some time and was running the risk of being turned into houses.

A Chef in the Making

Going back to the start

Clare West 0 2142

Brian tells of his culinary journey - from when Caesar was still just a Roman Emperor through to killing his knives to how he's giving back to the college that believed and invested in him.


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