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Bread and Pizza Let's knead, stretch, prove and shape! Fully Booked.

Event Start Date: 07/02/2021 11:00

Event End Date: 07/02/2021 14:30

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Cost per place: £30.00

It involves simple ingredients and a little understanding. We have taught breadmaking from day one at Harthill and to thousands of students over the years, they tell us thay have never bought a loaf since!

This has become one of our most popular courses over the years and we have adapted a slightly accelerated version to keep you occupied until brighter times return :-) Not only that, if you are feeling a bit least you can take it out on the dough! We'll make a bread dough with plenty left over for you to mess about with, a pizza dough and sauce so at least you can have a late lunch/early dinner. The toppings? That's down to you and your preference. 


Please note this an interactive Zoom cookery session from the comfort of your own kitchen.

We’ll send a shopping list and tell you what equipment you’ll need one week before your session. They will be standard kitchen items you would normally find at home. We’ll also send you the recipes and a work plan. The recipes will serve two; for the sake of your classmates and fluency of the session, please don’t attempt to cook more than two portions.

The day before your event we’ll send you a ZOOM invite, so make sure you have the app downloaded.

At the agreed time, we’ll fling open our kitchen doors and let you in so we can cook together!

It’s one ticket per person and places are limited so that everyone gets the most out of the session and the opportunity to ask questions.



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