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Introduction to wood fired oven.

Event Start Date: 08/07/2020 18:00

Event End Date: 08/07/2020 21:00

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More and more people are enjoying the flavours of al fresco cooking & eating. Here in the school grounds we’ve created an outdoor cookery area including a wood fired oven crafted from Cheshire brick.

On the three hour session you’ll be shown how to light the oven through to enjoying your own wood fired pizza in the Cheshire countryside. You will learn about fuel, building up and retaining heat plus controlling and positioning the fire.

As the heat builds in the oven we’ll head into the kitchen to make the pizza dough by hand & take you through some knife skills as we make the toppings. Back at the oven we’ll push back & position the fire, cook and eat a chicken fajita before stretching out your dough, topping your pizza and sliding it into the oven alongside the blazing logs. There are still a few more tips and techniques to go through as you watch your pizza come to life and bake to perfection.

Our friends at supplied the reclaimed materials for the oven and preparation area. Whilst made the oven for us, best of all if you order your oven from them – they’ll refund the cost of this course!

 Price: £60.00 including all materials, tea, coffee, refreshments.

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